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Brothers Maurice Kirya And Vampino Finally Hit Studio

Photos by Habre Muriisa

For a very long time, singing brothers Maurice Kirya and Vampino had not done any collabo song. It has been a shock to many people especially to the fans of the two. Vampino was clear to Chano8 in an earlier interview on why they had not done any collabo.

We both have different egos and we have been doing our own things. We have been pushing here and there but a collabo song can be done anytime. It’s time to put our heads together though I now can’t give any highlights about the song and nothing has been done apparently. The song will be out in the near future and fans will know.” Vampino explained to Chano8.


Brothers Vampino (left) and Maurice Kirya


Like Vampino said, the time is now as they recently hit producer Andre’s studio and released a brand new track. The Dance-hall track was yesterday released for the fans to appreciate their support and the revellers who attended the Club Dome event yesterday were the first crowd to have the first privilege to watch them perform it together.


For the first time, Vampino and his young brother Maurice Kirya performed the new song at the Club Dome event at Makerere University grounds yesterday



The song ‘Nyongera’ a Luganda word meaning ‘give me more’ starts with Maurice Kirya confessing his love for the things the girl he loves does in the middle of the night which make him go crazy. He adds that he has been all over the world but still has not seen anyone like her. He goes on to confess that he loses his self-control every time the girl comes around.

The hoarse-voiced Dancehall head Vampino who seems to have had miss understandings with his girl comes in the second verse singing how he spends most of his time seated waiting for her come back. He does all the things like loading airtime on the phone to call the girl who even never picks up, making his heart to run up and down forcing him to beg her dearly to at least pay him a visit at his home.

Vampino then resumes in the 3rd verse and this time he switches to Jamaican Patois telling her that more love is what he needs and searches for although he never meant to hurt her. He tries to convince the girl to come back home and apologises for the wrong things he did to her because of having sleepless nights in the need to win his love’s love again.



You can listen to ‘Nyongera’ by brothers Maurice Kirya and Vampino below



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