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Why Brothers Vampino and Maurice Kirya Have No Collabos

It is  not unusual for a family to produce talented members especially in the same field of profession from soccer stars like the Obua’s to musicians like the Mayanjas as well as all rounders, as is, in the case of the Blicks. 

Talking about talent that runs in the family blood, one such easily recognisable family is that of the Kiryas who have been in the music industry for a long time.

The three,  Dancehall sensational Vampino also known as Elvis Kirya, Kryazie Native and Maurice Kirya the self proclaimed King of ‘Mwooyo’ (Soul) music, have been doing their thing consistently for close to two decades now.

However, the most surprising thing about them especially two popular brothers Vampino and Maurice Kirya is that, they have never released any collabo song or atleast one that the public knows of despite their immense unquestionable talent and closeness.


Dancehall artiste Vampino and elder brother to Maurice Kirya

The reasons for this have always been unclear from media reports, though we have witnessed some live examples where blood brothers and sisters in the music industry release successful hit songs together.

“We both have different egos and we have been doing our own things. We have been pushing here and there but a collabo song can be done anytime. It’s time to put our heads together though I now can’t give any highlights about the song and nothing has been done apparently. The song will be out in the near future and fans will know.” Said Vampino when we probed him about this.

Ghetto President Bobi Wine and his younger brother Mikie Wine released ‘Sulubada Dance’, Dr Jose Chameleone and Weasel released ‘Bomboclat’ among many other musicians.

Kirya works

Singer Maurice Kirya

We also tried contacting Maurice Kirya for his comment but efforts were futile as his cellphone was busy all the time .

The two singers lost their beloved mother last year which prompted Maurice to do a tribute songe ‘Mama We Made It ‘ in memory of her. Fans should watch the space as the two prepare to release the long awaited collabo and Chano8 will keep you updated on any new developements.


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