Bruce Dickson Announces Entry Onto The Ugandan Music Scene With A Cool ‘Guba Mukwano’ Video

When the Covid-19 outbreak struck the world, the entertainment industry was one of the most affected as countries locked down as a preventive measure against the deadly disease. So, many entertainers particularly musicians were affected.

Ugandan entertainers were not spared either. However, this too was a moment of reflection for many as others decided it was the right time to take the much-needed break and return when refreshed.

However, just like many other industries, there are always new players coming through especially in sectors that rely heavily on natural talents and passion to thrive. This explains the rise of fresh talent that is cropping up in the last few months of the year ever since the economy was fully opened.

One such talent is Bruce Dickson who decided enough is enough and outed his single ‘Guba Mukwano’ which he has followed up with a beautiful video to sell his story.

‘Guba Mukwano’ is an Afro-beat song celebrating love and tells a story of lovers showing affection and commitment to each other. The song which officially announces Dickson’s grand entry onto the Ugandan music scene was written by the baby-faced singer himself

It was produced from Bomba music where Dickson loves to chill with his contemporaries while dreaming of a big future.

Experienced video director Zyga Phix directed the storyline with his crew behind the camera to tell the love story in a visual form that surely for a first-timer is not good enough.

With a simple setting that rotates in a single room, the focus is squarely on Dickson himself the one vixen who takes the role of the lover. The movement is limited with a few nodding here and a gentle shaking of the waists there.

The room is given a spacious look by the artistic composition with a Retro vintage setting with lots of vintage items materials creating a colorful mix of ‘new meets old’ that embeds well with the thick brown hues on the palette.

Old school leather suitcases, Television sets, VCR players, Phones, cameras, and other household items complement the bright modern dress code with the just one vixen taking centre stage.

To kill the monotony in the single room, the director adds color through the paintings and the live art session where Dickson is seen painting the walls that give the scene a refreshing effect with the splash of paint nurturing life into the composition.

Also notable are the slow gentle transitions with simple camera angles shot in a rich 4k print that gives the viewer time to appreciate the artiste in detail. Not a bad way to introduce yourself to the scene.

The plants and animals (did I see a bunny?) composition is the icing on the cake on the simple but powerful video that introduces Bruce Dickon to the Ugandan Music Scene. You can watch the full video by clicking here;


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