Bruno K And Joseph Sax Spread The Reggae Gospel In New Tune

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Last year,singer and vocalist Bruno K had one of the top Reggae songs dubbed ‘One For The Road’ that got Reggae and general music lovers dancing. On top of that, the song won him the award of ‘Best Reggae Artiste of the year’ in The Uganda Entertainment Awards

With all the encouragement he got over that song’s reception, he is back it again with a fresh collaboration Reggae tune dubbed ‘Reggae Music’ alongside Janzi Band’s saxophonist Joseph Sax produced at Pirates Beats Studios.

About the song

Basing on the fact that Reggae Music and Jahrastafari have a good connection, Bruno K with a good saxophone back up courtesy of Joseph Sax starts the song chanting ‘Jah Know’ which is Patwa for God Knows before he introduces the chorus in which he sings out his love for Reggae music that puts him in the mood of dancing.

He shares a brief history of how Reggae music spread all over the world in the beginning with a good reception from people. He then emphasises how it’s not just music but also a feeling felt deep in one’s soul before he brings in his own experience of how he got inspired to love Reggae because of Bob Marley.

If you are a Reggae fan, you ought to have to have noticed that it is rare for singers to end a song without chanting the name Emperor Haile Selassie whom Rastas see as a messiah who was sent on Earth to them by God. For that matter therefore, Bruno K calls him the King of Kings and leader of the world to show his believe in Rastafari.

In the concluding verse, Bruno mentions some of the Reggae music legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Lucky Dube and Toots Hibert who set a foundation for this music genre that birthed other genres like ‘Ragga’ and ‘Dancehall’ 


Although Bruno did the singing throughout, we can feel Joseph Sax through the saxophone which is the most lound instrument in the entire song which can get dancing because of it’s amazing rhythm  

Listen to the song here


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