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Bryan McKenzie Releasing An Album Tomorrow

Radio City’s Brian Kella MC Kenzie will be launching his Rude Boy Music Album tomorrow. The 13 track album launch that will see lots of things take place will be held at Gato Mato Restaurant located in Bugolobi Kampala going for 20,000 on entrance with the album CD inclusive. When Chano8 contacted McKenzie, he had this to say.

“Fans should definitely expect crazy fun but fun in a sense of Uganda’s hip hop, Ugandan music completely done from peoples homes and studios. It is pure art that has been because of love not because of anything. There will be allot of collaborations and it is going to be literally a journey of hip hop and you will see the future and the past of Ugandan hip hop.”


Bryan McKenzie set to release the Rude Boy Music Album tomorrow

“It is just going to be allot of fun and there is going to be lots of celebrities and if you are a fan of MC Kenzie, you have definitely followed the way he does his events so it’s going to be one of those classy ones.” he added.

MC Deedan

MC Deedan  will be at the party


Navio to perform at the album launch

The Rude Boy Music Album was designed by three main producers namely Sam Lamar, Barrow Beats and Aethan. The artistes who featured on the album we are. Navio, Keko, The Mith, Lilian Mbabazi, Atlas, A Pass, Sony, Lyrical Proof, Don MC, Ruyonga, GNL Zamba, ST Nelly Sade, Enygma, Flexx The Paper, Mun G, Big Trill, Niky Nola, Taka HD, Price Teba, Joe Kahiri, Ivory Namara, Miss Deedan and they are all slated to perform.

A Pass

A Pass will be there too

Lilian Mbabazi

Lilian Mbabazi among the performing artistes

The Party will also have 4 disk jockeys who will be on the turn tables playing the music and www.chano8.com, Radio City and Talent Africa are the partnering companies on this event.

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