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Bryan White Is Back, Rubbishes ‘Running Broke’ Rumours

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For close to a month, self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White had gone absent without leave and this had tipped off bloggers and some social media users to start asking questions of his whereabouts.

Some people had even concluded how he had already outlived his time on the social scene as he no longer had the money he was bragging about.

However, we had learnt that Bryan White was unwell after he was allegedly poisoned.

This, he also confirmed yesterday in an interview on  Spark TV’s ‘Live Wire’ show.

The socialite said that he has not been feeling well and was advised to take some rest by the doctors. “I have been unwell for some weeks now and doctors advised me to have enough rest without any distractions,” he said.

Adding that while he was away, some people started saying he went back to the village because he couldn’t stand the embarrassment of the public realizing that he no longer has money.

“I have been hearing stories that I ran broke. Take it from me, I can only be broke five years from now and that is the minimum. My absenture was for my health issues not money.” He said.

Bryan White also assured the public that he is starting from where he had stopped from as he is going to traverse more districts he hadn’t been to, starting with Jinja and Arua among others in the coming weeks.

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