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“Bryan White Is Using The Money To Tarnish My Name, I am Still Part Of Goodlyfe”- Chagga says

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Various allegations are going around that Goodlyfe camp is in a search for a new manager to replace the current one Kyagambibwa Godfrey commonly known as Chagga. Also in news today, Spark TV has reported that singer Weasel has been also sacked from the camp.

Chagga denies all the allegations and maintains he is still a Goodlyfe manager.

In a brief interview with Chagga, he told Chano8 that he no longer wants to do interviews because the one he has done so far turned out to be against him.

“ I don’t want to do any other interview because the few ones I have done turned to be against me. I cant compete with my rich enemies anymore. The people I care about most, my family and Children have advised me to stop talking to the media” Chagga revealed.

When we placed him more, Chagga was prompted to say that his enemies who have an upper hand in the media to tarnish the name that he has built for years

“ My name is Chagga yaga yo, a name I have built for 10 years and over. Suprisely my enemies are just using the money to bring me down. In a bid to get back my artist back to business, I have been branded a  bad one. But the fact that I will remain a Goodlyfe manager and Weasel is with me” he added.

However, the still has it that Chagga lost his job with Goodlyfe few weeks back. Close sources say it was the late Radio who only believed in his work. Over the weekend, Chagga was quoted blaming self- proclaimed tycoon Bryan White for misleading singer Weasel with empty promises.

Chagga claims he is still at Goodlyfe


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