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Bryan White Not Arrested But Summoned To Appear In Court

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Following Chano8’s earlier report that police has arrested self proclaimed money bags Bryan White, our reliable sources have finally confirmed that he is not under police custody like is in the news.

It is said that Bryan White is safe and sound at his Munyonyo home but was served with an arrest warrant if in case he doesn’t turn up in court today.

Men in police uniforms had surrounded his house earlier on Tuesday and this caused tension on social media with users spreading allegations that he was arrested on charges of obtaining money by false pretense

After close to an hour of negotiations, Bryan White agreed that he will be reporting to court tomorrow morning to answer charges labelled against him and if he fails to turn up within the given time, he will be arrested and detained. According to reports, Bryan White wanted by Police for failure to complete the payment of a car he acquired and  the alleged car was however towed to Kabalagala police station until the matters are resolved. We shall keep you updated.

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