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Bryan White Rubbishes Claims Of Child Neglect

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Self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White real name Kirumira Brian was bitter following the ongoing rumours alleging that he fathered but abandoned a child with a woman who has been tarnishing his hard earned reputation for alleged ‘child neglect’  

Out of the the blue a woman identified as Nabwenge Mary from Mityana district came out to claim that the lanky rich boy allegedly impregnated her 17 years ago and abandoned the child yet he is always seen splashing money ever since he returned from Italy where he had lived for many years.

While addressing a presser, the bitter Bryan White who recently imported a monster Ranger Rover Automobile ride to hit back at his critics who were bashing him that he doesn’t own any expensive cars, said that the lady is on nothing a mission to extract money from him and rubbished all the woman’s allegations.

“This is clearly intended to extract money from me and that will not happen” Bryan White said

According to this woman, she said that Bryan White had an affair with her before he left Mityana for Kampala. At first he fathered the kid until later when he asked for a DNA test over reasons that the kid’s father was somebody else not him. From that time, Bryan  declined the responsibility leaving the girl to suffer with child.

Bryan White explaining the presser

On top of rubbishing the woman’s claim that he in not the father of her 17-year-old child, Bryan White admitted that he has fathered many children but he knows them and takes very good care of them.


That left aside, The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mike Chibita has withdrawn murder charges he had sanctioned against socialite Brain Kirumira. He was last year charged along with other Corporal Thomas Okota police officer attached to Crime for shooting and injuring Victor Bitwire, a resident of Munyonyo.

Bryan White and his aides celebration after the DPP dropped the murder charges that were sanctioned on him 


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