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Bryan White Still Ill After The Collapse At Kabaka Birthday Run 

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Well, at the Kabaka Birthday Run that happened on Sunday the 8th of April, socialite Bryan White failed to make it to the finish line. A few metres away from the finishing line, his body gave in and he dropped off sending members of the ‘ Bryan Foundation’ into a panic, particularly DJ Micheal, of course for obvious reasons.

Exclusive information reaching our gossip desk indicates that the self-proclaimed tycoon is still ill after the collapse at the run. Other sources close to him reveal that Bryan White fell badly on the ground and has been receiving treatment at his home in Munyonyo.

Dj Michael helping Bryan White out after the collapse

 Bryan White has done his best to gain popularity in Uganda, even going an extra mile to pay musicians to hang with him but he still is unpopular. His latest stunt to manage Weasel of the Goodlye crew went from bad to sour when the two fell out publicly before they later reconciled.

 Bryan White’s money has been a talk around town for a long time. During media interviews, Bryan has claimed that he made his money in Italy. He said that his mother was married to a wealthy Italian real estate mogul who used to buy old houses, flip them and sell them for a fortune. His mother passed on and later the Italian also passed on and Bryan was surprised to find out that the step father had named him as one of the directors in the company, hence the money we see him splashing.


He also says that he got the name White from the Italian. “He used to like the way I work, and he said he wished I was white instead of a black man. The name White stuck,” Bryan said in an interview with BBS TV.

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