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Buchaman Angers Ugandans, Music Lovers After Torturing Fellow Musician Rocky Giant

A video clip in which Presidential Advisor on Ghetto Affairs Buchaman real name Mark Bugembe, is seen torturing legendary rapper Fred Giriya commonly known as Rocky Giant created a public uproar with many calling for justice from the authorities for the singer.

The very disturbing video started making rounds on social media on Thursday last week and has since become a big topic of discussion on the internet as music lovers and the wider music community as well as concerned citizens has come out to condemn the act exhibited by Buchaman and his rowdy gang.

In the video recorded using a smartphone and widely shared, Buchaman is seen kicking the frail artiste who keeps begging for mercy. His bodyguards also join in as he keeps questioning the helpless rapper about the claim of being the ‘Ghetto President’.

The title of Ghetto President has been an itchy affair ever since Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine who previously used it, decided to join active politics. He is currently the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East and an aspiring candidate for the (real) post of President of the Republic of Uganda.

Buchaman (Left) is seen in the video torturing Rocky Giant.

This kind of left a vacuum with several other artistes coming up to claim the title calling themselves the new Ghetto President which has not gone well with one-legged rastaman,  a former ally of Bobi Wine.

Although some also claim the two have beef over drugs dealings, the main reasons for the beating and torture remain unclear. However, the case is now with authorities as Rocky Giant already opened a case of assault against Buchaman at Katwe Road Police Station and Buchaman could soon head behind bars.

Many people in the entertainment circles have since come out with offers to try and help restore the troubled rapper to his old days of glory through free music recordings, videos, collabos, and free written music.




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