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Buchaman Swallows His Pride, Kindly Begs To Be Part Of Kyarenga Concert

Information we have received is that Buchaman is in talks with some people within Fire Base Crew to allow him perform at Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert slated for this Saturday the 10th of November

It is said Buchaman coiled his pride between his legs and accepted that he needs Bobi Wine much more than anything and it is because of this that he wants to be on the line-up of artistes who will be performing before the big man.

“Buchaman eagerly wants to sing at that show. He’s calling up everyone he knows at firebase inquiring what it will take for him to be on that stage,” said our source whose name is withheld

Former Fire Base Crew member and now Bobi Wine’s enemy Buchaman badly want to perform at the upcoming Kyarenga concert


Buchaman recently started up a group known as “Yut A Yut” along with singers Henry Tigan and Kian Banks that aims at discouraging youths from being used by politicians. In fact, they even released a song directed to Bobi Wine titled ‘Dikula’.

Buchaman was famously known to be a Fire Base Crew die hard when he was the vice president of the camp before his relationship with Bobi Wine came to an end. He decided to fight his former boss verbally and at some point, Bucha appointed himself as the the new ghetto president after Bobi was elected to parliament.

We are not sure whether Bobi Wine will allow Buchaman to perform at the Kyrenga Concert after 9 years of their bad separation as friends

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