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Bukedde TV Presenter Caroline Marcah Reveals Her HIV Status Amid Rumours Of Dating MC Kats

In the wake of the rumours that she is dating NBS TV’s MC Kats who a few years ago disclosed that he is HIV positive, Bukedde TV presenter Caroline Marcah publicly displayed her HIV test results and proved the people who have been saying that she is HIV positive too wrong.

She said she was forced to show her HIV results from a test she carried out at Span Medicare in Kampala because she had gotten fed up with people’s allegations that she contracted the disease from Kats

Speaking in a Facebook Live chat on Tuesday afternoon with MC Kats, NBS TV Presenter Kays and blogger Isma Olaxess, Marcah said she is HIV negative and that it’s the reason why she has been donating blood whenever called upon.

“Am not HIV Positive. These are my results from Span medical Centre in Kampala. However wants to prove, let them go there and find out because am tired of being called an HIV positive person,” She said.

She also cleared the air that she is not in love with Kats but rather friends with him and they will continue being friends.

“I and Kats are close friends and he is not the first person with HIV I have been friends with. I have had many friends that are HIV Positive,” she said.

Leaving the dating rumours aside, there have been allegations that Kats was going to replace his ex singer Fille with Marcah but she distance herself from all this.

Marcah, who left Spark TV and joined Vision group’s Bukedde TV said her being close to Kats has cost her a lot of friends and business partnerships.

“I have lost so many friends and business deals because Kats has been posting me on social media as his new girlfriend. Even my family has been devastated by the fact that am always moving out with a male friend who is HIV positive,” she added.






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