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Bukedde TV’s Sanyu Mweruka Of The Sexatape Fame Preggars

Bukedde TV host, Sanyu Robinah Mweruka, is about 4 months pregnant according to close friends. She is often seen eating raw mangoes and licking soil to tame her cravings. Mweruka is married to Pascal Mweruka and they already have three kids together.

The couple have been married for close to 8 years and their relationship has gone through a series of storms with the major one being a sex tape that leaked a few years ago that went viral.

Before the sex tape was released, numerous allegations did rounds that, Sanyu was cheating on her husband with city tycoons. It was alleged that when Sanyu was entrusted with the famous ‘Omuntu wa Abantu’ program on Bukedde TV, where she would get access to interview rich people, she used it as a chance to have them in her hands.

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HAPPY: Sanyu Mweruka and husband are expecting a bundle of joy in theri family

One incident is when tycoon Tanke travelled with her to Dubai during the Buganda Prime Minister’s visit in the name of collecting Etoffali. It was reported that on the way back, the tycoon shopped for her expensive items which she used to put her salon that is situated in town.

Just after that, her sex tape was then released in which she is in bed with a one Kizito Ongom aka Kasumali a heavy weight lifter and bouncer. However, the new bun in the oven is a testament to their strong relationship which has kept going despite the sacndals and media attention the presenter has got through the years.

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