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But Mr. Museveni, Is That How They Tie A Jerrican Of Water On A Bicycle?

Last night I had a sleepless night with many questions perturbing my mind. So where do I start from to narrate this story that Yesterday our dear president had to fetch water, as if that’s not enough on a bicycle. We definitely leave in this world but people are wicked, so what if the people of Luwero needed a demonstration on drip irrigation? Did it have to be this honorable old man to demonstrate; didn’t he do enough when he spent sleepless horrifying nights in the bush fighting for these poor ingrates?  The answer you know better.


First the Government acquires land in Kawumu village then He’s excellence has to be the one to plant coffee and bananas on the 24 acres of land.  All for what, mobilisation and sensitization on Operation Wealth Creation? I say No No No No Ugandans learn how to be grateful for the big things this man has done for us. In fact thank you your excellence long live Movement. We are indeed nothing without you.

“Today is Day Three of my Operation Wealth Creation drive in Luweero. This morning, I fetched water on my bicycle to demonstrate drip irrigation for coffee and bananas that I have planted on the 24 acres of land recently acquired by government in Kawumu Village, Luweero District. I will continue with my door-to- mobilisation and sensitization on Operation Wealth Creation” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Official Page Fb

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