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Cameroon Gitawo Cons SK Mbuga

Every passing day, something unexpected happens in the TMT camp that leaves the public bewildered. After one of the founding members Katsha De’Bank got imprisoned in South Africa over fraud and didn’t make it to the ‘Money and Gold party last week, the rest of the group members Meddie Ssentongo and Cameroon Gitawo just watched on as Jack Pemba took the headlines at their own party.


The Money Team’s (TMT) Cameroon Gitawo

The latest we have on our hands regarding the group is that Gitawo conned SK Mbuga of a BMW car that he sold both to him and to Desh Kananura as well.


SK Mbuga

According to a recording we came across. Gitawo had earlier sold a BMW 640D car to Mbuga at shs 77 million but both parties agreed that Gitawo should keep driving it until the day he goes back to South Africa but when he learnt that Mbuga was locked up last week after beating up Leila Kayondo, he decided to sell the car again to Panamera club owner Desh Kananura and then take the next flight back to South Africa.


Desh Kananura

After his release on Monday, Mbuga was tipped that his car now belongs to Desh and his efforts to reach Gitawo were futile and could only get him on phone yesterday. his explanation was that he had to rush back to South Africa because his wife and child where involved in a serious accident but Mbuga couldn’t hear of it as he kept asking for his car.

“Mbuga. I’m going to get you a new car. I have two cars at the South African airport heading to Uganda and one of them is yours.” Were Gitawo’s words but in a shaky voice.

Mbuga on the other hand kept asking for the car he bought but couldn’t get an answer. It was then that he promised Gitawo that he will make him pay for every penny he has wasted.


Cameroon Gitawo (R) with Meddie Ssentongo his fellow member in TMT

“Gitawo. As of now I’m like a bitten snake after all that happened to me in the last few days and I promise that you won’t like what’s coming your way if I don’t get my car. I fully paid you 77million for that car and then you decide to use the advantage that I was in jail to resell it to Desh.” Ranted Mbuga.

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