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Campusers Blast Away At First Campus Bell Jamz Silent Disco

Headsets, dope DJs and cool people…I am talking Silent disco. Silent disco is the new wave that has hit the entertainment industry in Uganda and it’s not going to stop any soon. 1st September was a start of a month like no other. Bell Jams hit Makerere University with the first-ever hostel silent disco.

Meaning, it was hosted on hostel grounds and in this case the New Nana Hostel. Many thought it would turn out to be another 2018 flop but the party-hard students did not let that happen. This was the first time treat on the silent disco menu for many campus students and they took it without hesitation. From a distance, it all looked like neon lumps moving uncontrollably. The music treat was offered by four channels with one deejay per channel.

The Bell lager ambassadors and waitresses kept the drinks flowing.  

Music benders like Dj Roja, Dj Ciza, Dj Dash, DjSpinny, Dj Xzyl kept the partiers on their feet. Dancing from 8pm to 2am could have been a little bit tricky but for the refreshments from the Bell Lager stall. The rolex stall did not miss out too and this gave the party the homely touch the campus students needed. And for the ladies, free makeup was being offered by some skillful hands.

Different DJs on different channels kept mixing the music to keep the vibe high.

The dance floor however, was not exclusive to Muk students, it had students coming from other campuses and of course not leaving out the freelancing party die-hards. The loveliest bit about silent discos is that the deejays play different genres of music which gives it a diversity that will make you forget to look at your watch.

However, there is a contagiousness that almost sets the DJs around in a competition to make sure their respective channel are the most hyped up. Just as you switch from yellow to green, the people on the red channel start jumping then those on blue start screaming ….‘My property’, ‘my chappatti’…. ‘my yorghutti’…. ‘my buggatti’ etc as the fun continues.

And the partiers loved every bit of the mix.

If you missed this one, you have four more chances at Uganda Christian University on 14th, Makerere University of Business on 21st, Mbarara University of Technology on 29th of September. The International University of East Africa will wind up on 5th October.

The most amazing things in life happen at night and this was one.

Compiled by Kitimbo Victor Andrew

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