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Can Artistes Really Mix With Politics? Miles Rwamiti Breaks It Down

In the recent Chano8 edition of Ask Rwamiti the Koona Na NTV host discusses whether artistes can freely mix with politics.

This goes either way. For me, I think this issue of meeting or dining with the president is a short time vision and it doesn’t help in solving the issues of the artistes and the country.

There are so many things the artistes could have told the president at that dinner and told him what issues are at hand that need urgent attention. When you have this kind of opportunity, you have to take advantage and present to the president the challenges entirely facing the music industry in general. You tell the present that, there are so many issues hurting Ugandans that have not been handled well because of negligence of some leaders.

Miles Rwamiti breaks down the artistes roles in politics

Miles Rwamiti breaks down the artistes roles in politics

Miles Rwamiti further goes on to say,

Things like health which needs urgent attention for people who cannot afford basic needs of survival, so when you choose an artiste to represent others or have an opportunity to talk to the president, they should be able to present such issues that affect people and show him where our concerns are.

It is ok for the artistes to work for the president, record songs and make some money. That is understandable because they need to survive, but they should use such opportunities to present the issues at hand even more. I really doubt whether the artistes add any value to the president and elections because I know most of them don’t vote.

For me I think it was not called for or not necessary at this time because even the public is not happy with them and have given them a backlash because they feel betrayed by their stars. A big number of their fans may probably not even support the NRM and Museveni. So it would make more sense if they had a dialogue on issues as opposed to just entertaining the president. So instead of kneeling in front of the president and telling him useless things, it’s better to bring to his attention things related to music as a business because that is what music is to them (a business). So how are they going to make money if the interests of the fans are not solved? So the question would be are we developing? Are we growing?

Have a look at what more Rwamiti had to say in the November Chano8 issue here.

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