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Can Snoop Dogg Boost Radio And Weasel’s Career?

Having an international collaboration might perhaps revive some artiste’s career. At least that is what Radio and Weasel believe if we can go by their recent project.

The duo it is said have secured a huge collaboration (which you can say is their best ever) with none other than Snoop Dogg, a famous American artiste.

Radio and Wasel

Radio and Weasel set for ‘Plenty Plenty’ remix featuring American rapper Snoop Dogg (photo by Habre Muriisa-Chano8)

It is said their collaboration is not on a new song but rather a remix of their just released track ‘Plenty plenty’ and they managed to get this deal after the rapper liked this song thus contacting them to throw in a verse or two.

In fact, the American rapper, we have been tipped is willing to finance the video shoot with the artistes in Hollywood, all costs on him.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg set to feature on Radio and Weasel’s ‘Plenty Plenty’ remix

Whether this passes or not we shall see but it has so far gotten them a great deal of publicity from different websites but it so happens, then this will be a great deal as it will once again break their international barrier.


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