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Candidate Classes, University Finalists To Resume School In Two Weeks

Some big relief finally came through on Tuesday after President Yoweri Museveni finally said schools will soon open and hat candidate classes that’s is P7, S4 and S6 will be allowed to report and resume their studies in two weeks tie after receiving masks from government.

Others also allowed will include finalists at higher institutions of learning or tertiary institutions in technical schools, universities at both under graduate and post graduate level and other tertiary institutions.

The President was clarifying on points he had made earlier on Monday at his 14th address to the nation during the Coronavirus Pandemic aimed at easing lockown measures he had been issuing from March 18th when the pandemic became serious in many parts of the world with Uganda confirming her first case on March 21st.

Everything is rid on masks being ready by June 4th. The president said.

The president has started easing lockdown in the country with public transport expected to started also in two weeks time on June 4th for districts that are not bordering any country.

He, however said those candidates or finalists coming from districts that are not yet allowed to open up, will be sorted out by Ministry of Education and Sports and Office of the Prime Minster.

The lockdown had kept students home for close to 3 months and with time running out, first term exams will now not be conducted to allow the candidates focus on finishing their curriculum and prepare for the final exams later in the year.

They will also be asked to strictly observe social distancing and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs).

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