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You Won’t Believe What Forced Benezeri To Quit Music

April 1st which is fool’s day is long gone as we are in the 5th day of the month but when we got this information, we were also surprised like you are right now.

Gospel musician Benezeri has quit music and he points this decision to ‘conviction’. The artiste who had made a name among the talented artistes passed this information through a face book post that read.  

“I’ve succumbed to a strong conviction to honorably bow out of the art that I’ve devoted the last 10 years of my life to. It definitely hasn’t been an easy decision to make but for the last 4 months it’s been heavy on my heart. This morning, I once again failed to complete my night’s rest because of this conviction. Living in a foreign town, without a smartphone has allowed God to speak to me clearly in the silence, once again, I’ve reached a crossroads in my life and He is pointing me into this direction,” he posted yesterday.


Benezeri quits music, But why?

Benezeri who last year successfully held a concert at UMA show grounds thanked everyone who helped him during this journey including his parents, friends, siblings and other individuals that played a huge part in his musical journey.

Born Benezeri Wanjala Chibita, Benezeri is famed for songs such as ‘Ndiwabulijjo Mama’ and ‘Abeyo’ among others. His decision to quit music might come as a big surprise to his fans and may even leave some disappointed. However, Benezir’s conviction could also be leading him to the right direction in his life, only time will tell.


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