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You Can’t Imagine Cindy’s Saddest Moment In Her Music Career

Former member of the girl trio Blu*3 Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy has been doing music for over ten years and in that period, she has gone through her ups and downs just like any musician. She recently, opened up on her saddest moment in her music career.

While she was hosted on Galaxy FM’s ‘Morning Saga’, the Dancehall musician said that the leakage of her nude pictures has been the saddest moment in her career.

She explained that on realizing that her pictures had gotten to social media, she called most journalists and asked them not to publish the pictures. Most agreed but a famous news paper went ahead and published the pictures. Not for a day but doing a series out of them.

Cindy performing at a one of the events (Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8)

Cindy added that that was so heartbreaking because she was degraded not only as an artiste but as a woman and every time she remembers that moment she feels like shading a tear.

Meanwhile the ‘Ayokyayokya’ musician will be having her second concert this month on the 25th at Imperial Royal Hotel where her fans will pay Ug Shs 50 thousand and 1 million for tables. She last had a concert in 2013 at Kati Kati Restaurant dubbed ‘Amateeka’.  

Cindy performs at the Launch of her upcoming concert Photo by Roy Ruva Collins/Chano8)


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