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Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime Embarrasses Motor-Mouthed NTV Presenter Kabuura In Public

News anchor and presenter Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura have been rumoured to be a hot item for a very long time now. With the two popping into city and upcountry events hand in hand, Ugandans have labelled them lovers.

However, last week, Kabuura was treated to a shock when he came close to her alleged girlfriend and tried to feed her with a cake at a city event in Macknon Suites. She openly turned down the offer which left Kabura humiliated. His face looked to be wishing for a supernatural power to sink him to the ground.

Laughing: Flavia is said to be playing hide and seek games with Andrew Kabuura.

Guests and friends were left in shock. Some couldn’t believe seeing Favia snub Kabuura’s gentleman gesture. Flavia was among the guest speakers invited for an Inspirational talk–Kabuura tagged along. When cake time reached, each guest was handed a plate with a slice of the cake. The only person who hadn’t gotten a plate was Flavia. As a Gentleman, Kabuura offered to share with Flavia.

Andrew, I thought by now you should know that I do not eat anywhere and everywhere.”–Flavia Responded.

The two are believed to be an item

Kabuura and Flavia have been trying to keep their sneaky affair secret to the public but the chemistry brewing between the two always betrays them by the day. These days, Kabuura doesn’t miss where Flavia is. Flavia who used to love her privacy finally loosened up. She loves to also move to places with Kabuura by her side.

Very close friends who know Flavia so well reveal that, she is trying to play a catch-up game. She knows her man loves the night life. Kabuura loves fan. In top Kampala bars, he is like a resident. So in a way to tame him down, Flavia decided to always be where he goes.



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