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Carol Finally Flies To India For Treatment

After the confusion and controversy that surrounded the fate of cancer patient Carol Atuhirwe, It has been finally confirmed that she is now going to be treated in India. According to Mr. Muhereza Kyamutetera one of the main forces behind the ‘Save Carol’ drive which had Ugandans participate in several car wash initiatives to fundraise for her treatment, is on her way to India.

“Thank God, our dear Atuhirwe Carol is off to India for treatment. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, financial and all other forms of support. What is now next is your prayers for healing.” Kyamu, as is commonly known in media circles said.

Kyamutetera, a Public Relations, and marketing guru, also had some advice for Ugandans concerning cancer and urged people to go for regular check-ups.

Carol going to India

STRONG: Carol Atuhirwe is finally flying out for treatment.

 “On another note, cancer is real. Take off time whenever you can to regularly check for cancer. A lot could have gone wrong especially in the last days, but the most important thing is we gave Carol another shot at life. That is worth a celebration.” He added

This comes after varying media reports emerged contracting the earlier stand that Carol who initially needed an estimated $80,000 about Shs.270,000,000 for treatment at the University Hospital, Cleveland Ohio in United States, was being delayed by the medical board or Ministry of health officials who had to sit for a meeting to decide on her fate before releasing documents for her journey abroad. There were also reports that, government had denied her travel abroad because FDC’s Dr.Kizza Besigye participated in the Car wash.

However, it later emerged that, Carol, after all, did not need to fly to US but rather to Nairobi or India since her condition did not necessitate or was not good for the long journey after being assessed by a visiting doctor. Ugandans had generously contributed Shs.324, 603,399 to help Carol fight the deadly disease.

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