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Carol Makes Appearance At Panamera Car Wash

She maybe down, but she definitely is not out. Cancer patient Carol Atuhirwe who has for long been bedridden today made a public appearance at Panamera where a charity car wash was being conducted to raise funds for her treatment.

carol 3

The car that brought her to the venue

The strength in her was very visible. Seated in a black BMW convertible that was being chauffeured by Galaxy Fm’s DJ Nimrod, Carol still managed to find her smile. The awaiting audience of sympathisers and well wishers formed two lines in a guard of honour and the car drove right through the passage created.


Carol(in co-driver’s seat) waves at the on-looking well wishers

The Carol smile seemed infectious as whenever she smiled, everyone smiled with her. The car sailed slowly through the passage, amidst ululations from the people in the well formed files. Some were so happy to see her that they ended up crying. At every moment the well wishers waved and took photos of Carol, whose gratitude was seen in the radiance of her face.


Carol could still afford to smile

Security was tight and many who wanted to get closer and touch her were restricted by the strong arm of the police. She spent a few minutes at the venue, which was understandable because of her condition. She later embarked into an awaiting Mitsubishi Prado and was driven away, many wanting to see her more, but glad she had atleast made it to show gratitude.

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