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Caroline Marcha Starts Journey On Bukedde TV After Stint At Spark TV Ends Mysteriously

Bukedde TV management announced that Caroline Marcah Mirembe joined the station as a presenter with immediate effect.

The station announced her as one of their own on their social media platforms and confirmed that she will be hosting the lunch time request show called “Oluyimbalwo”, loosely translated as “Your song”.

They posted that they have made some changes to this show that was being hosted by Dj Suuna Ben of Bukedde FM, who was filling the gap since the departure of their favorite presenter Flavia Namulindwa.

“We have made changes to this program and starting next week, Marcah will be the presenter for the lunch time music request show which airs from 1pm-2PM,” The post read.

Two years, ago the show was hosted by Flavia Namulindwa, who worked for Vision Group for 10 years before relocating to the United States of America for greener pastures.

Marcah was reportedly ‘fired’ from the Serena based television station Spark TV for unknown reasons and since then, she has been hunting for another job opportunity on various local TV stations.

She was replaced with singer Flavia Mawagi on the “Live Wire”  show and her second show was given to former BTM presenter Kheem GK.

Speaking to her friends and fans on her Facebook page, she said she is grateful to the management of the station for the 5 years she has worked with them.

“Spark TV is where my carrier started from. 5 years down the road, it’s time for transformation. To be honest, this decision wasn’t easy but I had to do it for the good of my career,” she posted.

She thanked her producers Kugonza Isaac and Kafuko Peter of “Live Wire” for pushing her to become a better TV presenter as she heads out of the station to join another media company.

“My new Family Vision group Uganda, thank you for the warmer welcome and I believe I will deliver to the expectations of my fans and the company,” she added.









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