“Carol’s Death Should Be A Lesson To The Government” – Bobi Wine

Carol Atuhairwe passed on last evening at a hospital in India where she had gone for a number of treatments over a year now.

Why she’s an issue to all of us is that it was actually the public that collected over shs180M for all her treatment costs abroad and among the people who participated in the fundraising drive was Bobi Wine who says Carol’s demise should be a lesson to the government.

“Unfortunately, Carol’s death is not a surprise, as many Ugandans are dying every day due to our sick healthcare system in this country. Carol did her part, creating awareness, but how has that awareness benefitted us in this past year? Let’s talk solutions.” The self-proclaimed ‘Ghetto president said’

Rest In Peace Carol but Bobi says that her death should be an example to the government

Going forward to ask the masses to combine voices and call out together in a massive roar to demand the leaders get serious about cancer care.

He then went ahead and said that people should not forget that it is everyone’s right to live healthy and watch everything that we put in our bodies. This is mainly because Uganda has good organic food

Bobi Wine who has just been given a go-ahead to contest for Member of Parliament of Kyadondo East further advised people to go for check up early enough if they suspect something wrong with their health. And then called on Government to reallocate the money Members of Parliament receive to go for medical treatment to improve Ugandan hospitals.

This and more is what the musician wants the government to do to improve the health sector.  


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