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Carol’s Mother Narrates Daughter’s Cancer Battle

Prior to 2011, Carol Atuhirwe was a campus girl carrying on with her life. She was almost done with her studies at the University and her mother, Mrs Agrace Mugizi couldn’t be any prouder. Five years later, the beauty lies bedridden in the Cancer Institute at Mulago feeding and breathing through a tube. Her mother, who has been at her side this whole time narrated the story of her raging battle with the disease at a press conference at Panamera Bar and Restaurant in Kampala.

“When she would talk, I would hear something breaking off her breath. In that same year, she coughed, and she started spitting blood,” Mrs Mugizi said.

Like any parent, she was thrown into panic. She rushed to the nearest doctor close to her Ibanda home, who suspected a cancerous infection. He referred her on to Mengo Hospital, but unfortunately no accurate diagnosis was made there. The girl’s breathing soon became harder and scarier.

The #SaveCarol campaign is raising awareness for Ugandans to Carol

The #SaveCarol campaign is raising awareness for Ugandans to Carol

“In May 2012, she was opened up and samples were taken to Wandegeya. She was diagnosed with Malignant Cancer” Mrs. Mugizi added.

At that time, she was in the evening hours of her school days, so she was left to complete. On the day she did her last university examination, she was admitted to Mulago Hospital for more testing and treatment. However, the family suffered another setback as Carol was diagnosed negative and discharged for over a year.

Mrs Mugizi flanked by other fundraising leaders at the press conference

Mrs Mugizi flanked by other fundraising leaders at the press conference

The situation worsened and she was moved to the Cancer Institute around the Easter of 2013. She was given a tube, through her nose to help her feed, while she underwent chemo and radiotherapy.

Another setback came here, as the radiotherapy burnt her fatally across the throat. This required her to undergo plastic surgery, migrating parts of her body skin to her throat. It also tumulted in multiple damages, chiefly the falling off of her oesophagus. The tube in her nose was then moved to her hollow throat, where it is till date, serving as her breath and feeding avenue.

Mrs. Mugizi remains entirely grateful to the people.

“We are sincerely overwhelmed by the response of the people to this campaign. Schools, churches, NGOs, artistes, Carol’s friends and OGs and everyone who has helped from far and wide” she gratefully mentioned.

Carol is still hospitalized, looking for about 270 million to undergo throat reconstruction surgery at the University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. So far, about 117 million has been collected, and the general public is urged to lend a helping hand to find the balance and save her life.

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