Catherine Kusasira Cries To President Museveni To Intervene As Hospitals ‘Overcharge’ For Covid-19 Treatment

Without forgetting the too expensive Covid-19 test, nowadays even its treatment costs are rising every passing day and this has left very many people especially those who have contracted the disease helpless.

A few days ago, as veteran female singer and presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira shared a story about her deadly encounter with Covid-19, we were shocked by the amount of money she said she was asked to pay for admission and treatment at a hospital whose name she didn’t disclose

Kusasira said that she woke up one morning feeling very ill from Covid-19 to seek for medical services but every hospital she went to was already full to capacity until she finally found one.

At this hospital, she was asked to pay Ug Shs 9 million (US Dollars 2,531.72) to be attended to but she didn’t have it in cash. That is when she opted for herbal remedies like steaming among other things

During her battle with Covid, Kusasira says that she lost 10 kilograms and her sense of taste which slowly returning.

With all this, she cried to the President of Uganda and the Minister of Health to take a visit to hospitals and see for themselves how they are overcharging people for Covid19 treatment

“Ministry of Health and his excellence, people are going to die completely. Hospitals have been turned into business. If me Kusasira failed to pay 9 million, what about an ordinary person who has no voice. I am asking Ministry of Health and the president to visit these hospitals, they are overcharging people and it is too much.” Kusasira said in interview with Spark TV

Her humble request to the president and the Ministry of Health is to intervene and see how these hospitals can reduce on the prices of Covid treatment

“His excellence I ask you to look into this matter, people are going to die” Kusasira emphasized

Watch singer Kusasira criying to President Museveni to intervene as hospitals ‘Overcharge’ for Covid-19 treatment




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