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Fred Sseruga Visits Catherine Kusasira’s Parents Ahead Of Introduction

Golden Production band members and couple Fred Sseruga are a step closer to cementing their relationship after Kusasira introduced fellow artiste Sseruga to her parents on Friday March 30th in Kitende on Entebbe Road. 

Taking advantage that the next day (Saturday) would be a public holiday, Kusasira introduced her better half to her parents in Kitende as the norm is in Buganda culture before the real Introduction ceremony slated to happen on April 20th 2018.

The two musicians have been holding ‘kwanjula’ meetings in the last few weeks in which they were able to get over shs20million, most of which came from fellow musicians. Messach Ssemakula gave them shs10million while Bebe Cool gave them shs4million with several others actively contributing..

Catherine’s Kukyala was colorful at her Aunties hiome

Happy: The couple glowing at the event attended by mostly close friends and family  

They have been cohabiting for over ten years where some children came along the way.

Catherine Kusasira is fame for songs such as ‘Bwosiba face’, Si Dogo’, ‘’Akajanja’, ‘Quarter Pin’ and ‘Wafuuka Bikadde’ among others. She how ever, dominated headlines a few years back when she cried after being detained at Kigo prison after being accused of obtaining money by false pretense. Meanwhile her fiancé Fred Sseruga is one of the longest-serving members of the band and the voice behind songs like ‘Kiti Kyamuwogo’, ‘Embeera’, ‘Okyamatira’ and ‘Bakirimululu’ among others.

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