CBS’ Abu Kawenja’s Wife Involved In An Accident With Presidential Convoy

It’s on rare occasions that a presidential convoy can be involved in an accident going by the fact that people who drive them are highly trained drivers but yesterday was one of those unlucky days as it was involved in an accident.

It would have gone unnoticed if the person involved wasn’t related to a celebrity. Claire Nabukenya, the wife to Central Broadcasting Services’ presenter Abu Kawenja was the victim in this accident that happened in Bwaise when the presidential convoy knocked her car in the morning.

The president’s lead car, it is said knocked her Terrano car as they were both heading to town at the Bypass in Bwaise.  The damage was not that crucial but the boot and behind lights were damaged.

Despite the fact that the convoy was in wrong, all they did was to leave it all to the traffic officers. We are not sure what they told her but they talked for close to ten minutes and towed the car away.

The president was however not in the convoy when the accident happened.

Claire Nabukenya

CBS’ Abu Kawenja

Abu Kawenja’s wife’s car being towed away


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