Celebrating The Good Times With DJ Alberto

DJ Alberto is arguably one of Uganda’s best DJ’s of all time. He has been in the business for 3 decades now and his works have been celebrated by many across the country. The experienced DJ has made many people, especially fans of Oldies music happy for all this period.

And now he does his thing at Liquid Silk every third Friday of the month with ‘The Good Times’ theme night where he together with his colleagues DJ Faisal and DJ Dave take to the turntables to do their thing for the adoring fans. Just like in many of the other previous episodes, last Friday was no different as the excited revellers and fans at the Bugolobi-based hangout experienced yet another moment of the good old times.

DJ Alberto (L) and his colleagues are doing the oldies thing at Liquid Silk

DJ Alberto real names Alberto Alipacho and his team took the revellers through memory lane with classic Funky, hardcore Hiphop,RnB, Reggae, dancehall, Rumba and Lingala to the chargrin of the fans who danced till late while some enjoyed the video mixes from the comforts of theri seats and the excitement was written all over theri faces.

He started his DJing career about 3o yeas ago by carrying speakers for Soul Disco in 1987. Now 3 decades later is one of the most sought after and celebrated DJs in the region as he gained legendary status in the process.

Alberto who holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) has played in top Clubs in Uganda like Ange Noir (now Guvnor),Club Silk and Ambiance Discotheque. He is the owner of Amsta Sounds, a private disco hire company.

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