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Celebrities And Fans Come Out To Support Desire.


The last few days have been some of the worst for singer  Desire Luzinda, She has witnessed a series of unfortunate events from imprisonment over bad debts, then nude pictures being leaked to the press not to mention being threatened with imprisonment for violation of the anti- pornography bill. She has still managed to hold her head up thanks to the support of her friends and fans all over the country.

On all social media platforms people have come up to stand with her in this difficult time. On Facebook,

Comedian, Anne Kansiime shared a post she agreed with saying “Very well said.

You can take this to the bank or leave it,
All of us have done things outside our comfort to please our loved ones and mostly the people we hold closest to our hearts just in the name of LOVE and TRUST. 
what am i talking about?
Our girl Desire Luzinda went outside her comfort zone to please her so called “LOVE OF HER LIFE” and what does she get in return? SHAME….
SHAME to her family, daughter, friends and most of all her Fans. Fans who love and adore her, Fans who are always looking up to her. 
Friends what she did was a normal thing but obscene to the public, its meant for 2 (two) but the other party betrayed her. 
PLEASE PLEASE… lets not start throwing tantrums at her this is a good deal gone wrong, lets show love to our girl, our sister, a mother, an aunt etc by please not spreading these photos just delete or if u cant please lock them safe and keep them to yourself.

This can happen to you, your sister, your mother, your girlfriend, your wife.

To the Immature men or women thinking of the same. please learn to let go off somethings”.

Patrick Salvado also expressed his frustration, saying “People complaining about Desires nude pics… Mschwwwwww do u know how long I’ve wanted to see her bwerere mschwwww Wama desire Ur the man… Besides she even supports FDC

Mariam Ndagire also asked her fans to keep Desire in their prayers throught this trying time. On twitter fans tweeted;

ndugwa joel ‏@Joel_INC  Nov 1

“The problem isn’t Desire Luzinda. The problem is the fool who leaked the pictures.”

On Instagram,  people like Zari said she should hold her head up and be strong, same as Judith heard and many more fans said they would pray for her and it shall all be  well. Some fans have created Facebook pages to show their support as they condemn the Nigerian that leaked the photos to be “a coward and very weak man”. Good new is she is back in studio making news and ignoring the negativity.

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