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Celebrity Fashion Stylist Gadaffi In New Charity Project

Gadaffi Chuni of Chuni Collections has been in the fashion world for some time now and with all the success he has so far achieved, he has decided to give back in a special way. In the latest news reaching our desk, he is embarking on a project called Chuni Fashion For Charity which will focus on inspiring children.

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The event is already having several partners coming on board and showing interest in it which includes the renowned Ambition Mission, Busy Generation and ADRA Uganda. The project is to start some time in June this year and will have heavy involvement of Chuni Collections.

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The event will have lots of headlining fashion designers showcasing several trends and a few top musicians are expected to perform. By press time, Gadaffi Chuni was not available for a comprehensive comment but his close friends said he is working hard to make the event successful and the proceeds from it will go towards charity for needy and homeless children.

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