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Chagga Arrested For Goodlyfe Crimes

Most times, you will hear people saying how they fancy being artiste managers, not knowing the consequences that come with it. Chagga real names Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, who has been the manager of Goodlyf for more than five years was fired a few months ago by Weasel in a video clip that made rounds on social media. 

If only he had stepped down that very moment, there is no way he would have faced the embarrassment he now faces as the rest of the world celebrated Eid Al- Fitr

Chagga because of his position is now behind bars for failing to take his artiste (Radio and Weasel) for a performance in Luwero.

The former Leone Island crew musician was arrested on Thursday night and is still behind bars at Bututumula Hoosegow prison in Luweero after he obtained money from a promoter who had booked Radio and Weasel for a number of shows but failed to show up.

Chagga was arrested and detained in Luweero for failing to ail his artistes for performances there.

Unfortunately, Radio passed on and this was understandable but instead of Weasel traveling to Luwero to perform, he never did and Chagga never bothered to explain to the promoter the reason why he didn’t show up.

The promoter says that he accumulated a lot of losses because of this and someone has to pay for them. That someone has to be Chagga, the Goodlyf manager because he was the one who received the money.

Usually, no prisoner gets bond or is allowed to be released over the weekend and this simply means he may have to stay behind the coolers until Monday.


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