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Chagga Is Finally Free After 10 Days In The Coolers

After spending a week behind bars in Luwero, Goodlyfe manager Chagga is now a free man we can confirm. Chagga was released on Friday the 22nd of June after paying Ug Shs 5 million to the promoter who had sent him to the coolers.

However, the former musician was given a condition that he pays Shs 9 million more within a month or else be detained again and that is if the surety is nowhere to be found.

The surety in this case is musician Weasel who promised to come up with the remaining balance.

Chagga was arrested last week on 13th June and detained at Bututumula hoosegow prison in Luweero after he obtained money from a promoter who had booked Radio and Weasel for a number of shows.

The promoter said that he had accumulated a lot of losses because of the failure for Goodlyfe to perform in Luwero and because of that, he had to take action.

We are not sure where Weasel is going to get that amount of money as gigs are no longer coming in like they used to when Radio was still around. To make matters even worse, he is one of the artistes who were chased from the Bryan White Podium.

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