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Chagga Refutes Stories Of Being Replaced By Lawrence.

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Earlier this year When Good Lyf’s  Radio and Weasel left the management under Jeff and set out on their own, Chagga a fellow  musician was hired to handle their management. Many fans questioned this decision considering Chagga is only a musician too.



Recently Lawrence Labejja who was Bobi Wine’s manager was fired for mishandling funds (putting it politely) and was quickly offered a job by Radio and Weasel but when Chagga got this news he has no kind words and said he is the only manager of Goodlyf and he said he was the one who indeed hired Labejja as the Operations Manager not full manager.  Chagga says ” He is in charge of vending music and booking performances since he has experience in such things”.

Well there must be a lot of mis-communication during the hiring process because word on the street has it Labejja has told friends that he is the manager and also gone ahead to print business cards.

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