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Chaka Chaka Excites Fans At ‘I Am Kansiime’ Show, Tells Presidents Mugabe and Museveni To Go Rest

She is the Princess of Africa and she is a darling of Uganda and commands a big fan base here but more importantly, she loves Uganda with all her body and soul and loves the people of Uganda. So what exactly keeps this relationship flourishing to the extent that, one of Africa’s greatest artistes Yvone Chaka Chaka keeps coming back to the Pearl of Africa?.

Well that’s the subject of discussion for another day but for now, let’s go back to last night where Chaka Chaka whose music rocked the airwaves in the 80’s and 90’s made a guest appearance at the ‘Iam Kansiime’ One woman comedy show at Imperial Royale Hotel.

She not only is still charming and sweet but also looks so fresh and elegant as ever. Anne Kansiime the host and main act of the show had invited her as the guest of honor at the show and she gladly honoured the invitation having met in the U.S and South Africa in previous engagements.


Ann Kansiime was the woman of the night at her one woman show

So the show kicked- off immediately after she had taken her seat with her entourage with fans itching to have a piece of her as soon as the MC announced her presence in the crowd and immediately brought life to the well-attended show. There was some warmth and love in the air as Kansiime took to the stage to entertain her fans and cracked them up with joke after joke as Chaka Chaka laughed her heart out and could not hold back her tears as Kansiime narrated her story of growing up from a poor family in Kegezi.


Chaka Chaka in the crowd was the Guest of honour

So the moment of magic and madness arrived at the climax of the show when Kansiime told the crowd about one of her biggest role models who also happened to be in the crowd and when Chaka stood up to wave at the crowd and say something, the fans screamed, yelled and jumped up and down like excited toddlers.

Her first move was to hand over a special gift to Kansiime whom she confessed is a big fan of amidst cheers and a graceful dance from her. And when she was done handing over the the glittering necklace, she encouraged fellow women to work hard and emulate Kansiime and Ugandans to support their own talent.


Chaka Chaka gives Kansiiime a gift

However, she drew the loudest applause when she asked the MC who happened to come from Zimbabwe to go back and tell his president Robert Mugabe aka Uncle Bob to take leave and rest.

“When you go back, tell Mugabe to rest & start writing books. I love Mugabe & I love Museveni but they should not keep here for long – it’s their time to go write books. Tell them to leave.” She said amidst wild cheers from the crowd.

She also thanked Captain Mike Mukula for introducing her to Uganda and the world after he first brought her here for her first visit and performance. He invited him to join her on stage as they did the ‘Umkomboti’ dance together and described him as a ladies’ charm.


Capt. Mike Mulkula dances with Chaka Chaka on stage


Chaka autographs a painting presented to her


MC Monde is from Zimbabawe and was tasked to take a message to his president


Chaka Chaka pulls those strokes that won her many fans


Kansiime’s parents join the rest of the crowd to dance to Chaka Chaka’s song


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