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Chaka Chaka Irritated By Her Son’s Singing Ability

For those who didn’t know, legendary South African musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka was in Uganda a few days ago where she was the main headlining artiste at a charity concert organised by Shule Foundation at Serena Hotel last Friday 20th of July.

Like on many previous occasions, Chaka Chaka never disappointed with her performance but there was something unusual about this show that made our jaws drop.

Moments before the show, we had heard that Chaka Chaka’s son is also a musician trying to emulate her mother or even better because he is also her producer but moments after she was about to climax her show at Serena, she was disappointed by his singing abilities.

“Whoever is doing that should stop. That’s one bad voice. Where is that coming from?” Chaka Chaka said on the microphone when she heard a voice echoing her ‘Umqombothi’ song from the audience.

It was some people from the audience who shouted “It’s your son” that she got back to her senses.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka performing at the recent charity concert

The two had come to Uganda as part of the centenary celebrations of Nelson Mandela day that happened across the world and in Uganda, they performed at this Charity concert courtesy of Shule Foundation and the proceeds will help to build a school for former street children they take care of.

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