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Chameleone And His Manager Part Ways Again

It sure looks like Chameleone and manager Robert Nkuke alias Mutima’s relationship was never going to work out because from the start, the former has now on two occasions fired the latter precisely over the same reasons.

The first time Chameleone fired Nkuka, he did it by letting the whole public know about it. He paid two of Uganda’s leading media outlets Daily monitor and New Vision to publish his picture that he was fired. But a few months later, he (Mutima) was taken back to Leone Island and given another role and to be precise, he was taken in as one of the booking agents.


Dr Jose Chameleone fires his manger Mutima again

Both have been on good terms lately until Tuesday when Nkuke decided to pocket Chameleone’s Ug Shs 2.5 million off his performance gig in Masindi district.

Singer Jose Chameleone has terminated works with Robert Jackson Nkuke after the latter allegedly failed to pay him his due balance after a show in Masindi last Wednesday according to a reliable source.

It is said that on reaching Masindi, Chameleone demanded for his remaining balance of (2.5m) but was told it was given to Robert who had pocketed it earlier. When the musician realized this, he asked for the money but Robert started speaking in tongues. This is when the ‘Wale wale’ singer decided to take him to the police. After squeezing him, Robert released the money and this is when Chameleone decided to fire him once again.  


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