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Chameleone Apologises To Hon Ruth Nankabirwa After Grabbing Mic At Concert

Among the big headlines from the just concluded Jose Chameleone’s ‘Legend Saba Saba’ concert  was Chameleone’s surprise act of grabbing a microphone from the ruling NRM party chief whip Honorable Ruth Nankabirwa

It dominated the headlines much more than what the artiste did at the concert and it’s on this note that he came out today and apologized to the Honorable.

“I would like to apologies to the honorable that it was never my intention to behave like that. By the time she came on stage, the show was already hyped up and my fans were demanding and putting me on pressure to sing. I had no choice,” Chameleone said.


Chameleone resumes his performance after grabbing the microphone from Honourable Ruth Nankabirwa (center)

He however, blamed promoter Balaam who had bought the show for all this chaos saying it was a miscommunication

“Balaam didn’t communicate to me that Hon Ruth Nankabirwa was going to talk. I had no idea she was even around and this should also be a lesson that next time if important people like her are in the audience, the promoters show let us know so that we give them a shout out.” Chameleone added.

The ‘Valu valu’ artiste further said that there is no way he could have chased away someone who had brought for him Ug Shs 20 million.

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