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Chameleone ‘Attacks’ Bebe Cool Over Wishing Radio A Happy Birthday, Fans Roast Him

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Chameleone was not happy with the public after thousands of people took to social media to wish singer Radio who is currently admitted in Case Clinic a happy 33rd birthday. According to him, he claims it was not necessary for people to wish Radio a happy birthday ruling that they should have instead wished him a happy next day following the appalling situation he is in of late.

He posted saying that some people always wait for people’s challenges and then come out to pretend to help them all in the name of seeking for relevance. However, this comes after Big Size Bebe Cool went to visit Radio in hospital despite their known fall out on Thursday the 25th of January.

Bebe also later posted on his Facebook page expressing his concern on Radio’s situation, sent him prayers at the same time wishing him a happy birthday. This could have been one of the reasons why Chameleone who is currently not on good terms with Bebe Cool to react saying it is shameful for people to wish others great days even amid their challenges (like for the case of Radio)

 “I woke up checked my Facebook found So many people wishing RADIO a happy birthday. Yet we all know he needs a happy next day- Shame. Some want to be relevant and wish people great days amidst their challenges. When will we stop to take advantage of others peoples fate?? Live up. More prayers for Radio from all believers. Type Amen. Some of them, will pretend they love you now. Yet behind them they hate you” Read part of Chameleone’s post

 Going by the negative comments on this post that were still coming in by the time we went to press, it clearly shows that the public is not happy with the Badilisha singer.

Check out some of people’s negative reaction to Chameleone

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