Chameleone Denies His Newly Formed Superstars Association Is Just For Making Money

It is almost two weeks after a group of local artistes who consider themselves superstars formed yet a new association, United Musicians Superstars Association (UMSA) and elected veteran musician Jose Chameleone as the president.

The formation of this association has raised controversy not only in the music industry space but also in the public.

Stakeholders in the music industry have been concerned and seeking to know the motive of this new association, given that Chameleone who in 2017 founded the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) seems to have ‘dumped it’ for a new one which he is president elect.

Meanwhile, some people believe that the formation of this association is a move to make money, basing on the information that the Operation Wealth Creation leader General Salim Saleh plans to give money to artistes as compensation due to the suspension of social events which have been one of their main sources of income.

One of them is motor-mouthed Dembe FM and Spark TV presenter Kasuku who said that the “Wale Wale” singer sat down with his friends and formed this independent association from UMA targeting this money because “he is broke” and “thought that he wasn’t going to get the share he deserves under UMA when the money comes in”.

With all the talk going on, Jose Chameleone while unveiling the United Musicians Superstars Association’s constitution cleared their name saying that it wasn’t formed to look for money from government.

Some People have made our intentions seem as if we are looking for money and this and that but little do they know that the time we have been here as artistes, we want to add something memorable to our country” He said at the press conference.

He also made it clear that they didn’t form this association to compete with the other musicians associations.

“Our intention is not to be parallel to any musicians associations. We are here with them but for us we agreed to do our things in unity as super stars with other associations which are striving to see that our music is respected and paid well” He added.



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