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Chameleone Disputes Using ‘Tubonga Nawe’ Money To Buy House

Now that elections are almost over, the public has now turned its guns to the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project leaders in Bebe Cool and Chameleon claiming that they are the reason for the suffering of many Ugandans after they rallied their support towards NRM’s Yoweri Museveni.

This hasn’t gone down well with the ‘Wale wale’ artiste who told the public to boycott his shows in case they feel like he has backstabbed them by rallying behind the president and his NRM party.

Jose Chameleone shows off thumb after voting

Jose Chameleone shows off thumb after voting

The artiste even went ahead clarified that the money used to buy his new mansion never came from the ‘Tubonga nawe’ project but from his sold-out concert in Kenya recently.

Chameleone performed at the bi-monthly Koroga music and arts festival on the 16th of Jan and he’s believed to have received a lot of money from it. It is this money that he used to buy his newly acquired house which is yet to be completed.

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