Chameleone Drops Yet Another Love Tune ‘Super Star’

Photo by Habre Muriisa

As he prepares for his ‘Legend Hit After Hit’ concert slated for Friday the 19th of May 2017, Uganda’s self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone is dropping songs one after the other and if his latest ‘Sweet Banana’ was the one rocking your playlist, its high time you updated it because he has today released yet another one dubbed ‘Super Star’

Produced by two talented audio producers namely Kays (Madder Kays) and Baur at Leone Island studios, ‘Super Star’ an Afro-beat genre tune that you could compare to ‘Wale Wale’ is another love song where we hear Chameleone confessing his love for a girl he loves most, to an extent of calling her his ‘Super Star’. The song is sang in three languages namely English, Kiswahili and Luganda.

Super Star The Song

In a brief intro, Chameleone begins the song with a hoarse voice appraising the girl for being special because she loves and chose him then he later sings the chorus that is also full of more appraisal words to the girls like how he calls her the his number one and super star.

He then begins the first verse confessing how his friends have forsaken him but he still holds on to the girl because she is there for him despite the change of situation, there by commending her for staying strong and don’t run away when all the others did. Her inner beauty and humbles have forced Chameleone to lover her for a long time.

Chameleone introduces the second verse singing in Kiswahili and he is heard saying how haters are going to talk about them but finally get tired, he adds saying that regardless of their motor mouths, they will remain with nothing as he assures the girl that he is her real lover and hero and he there need her to come his way instead of going away.

In the 3rd and final verse, Chameleone says thank you to the girl for taking good care of him, he hails the girl once more giving a deaf ears to the rumours they spread about him a thing that confirms the lady is truly Chameleone’s love.


Just like how Wale Wale increased his fan base in Africa, we hope ‘Super Star’ will do as well especially basing on the fact that the producers did a good job and gave him a real African sound as we wait for the video.

Listen to the song here

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