Chameleone Excites Hundreds During ‘The Establishment’ Grand Opening

Bar business is one of the most profitable especially in Uganda going by the rate at which we party. Uganda is one of the most happening places in the whole world which explains the growth of bars every now and then.

Last weekend, another club known as the ‘Establishment’ opened its doors to Uganda’s entertainment life and despite the irony in the name, the hangout might offer stiff competition to Guvnor which is just next door and offering exactly the same services, drinks costing the same amount and perhaps the same clientele.

As it clocked 8pm, doors were opened for what was anticipated to be a night of fun, joy and happiness but by 11pm, people were still countable and the night seemed like it would flop but not when the main performer is Jose Chameleone who came in at 1am. After revelers saw him, they started making their way to the hangout and before he started performing, it was already a full house.


Chameleone dances with a reveller

Chameleone was on top of his game that night as he gave in his all throughout the time he was on stage, doing songs like ‘Wale wale’, ‘Owakabi’, and ‘Agatako’ among others. He was involving the crowd, dancing and sharing the microphone with them. Some tipped him while others afforded to get selfies with him. When he was done with his performance, the deejay continued to play music as attendees continued to dance the night away gracing a hangout in industrial area.


Some of the revellers toasting to the the grand opening of The Establishment




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