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Chameleone Finally Releases The New Gimme Gimme Video


Some time back in March, we reported here that self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone was set to release about five new videos he had redone during the ‘Tubonge east African concert at Lugogo. Well, after it all went quite about the new videos, Chameleone has finally officially released the new video which is done to meet international standards.

“It’s been long since my fans have requested for an uplift in my video quality and we are finally here! I took a wild trip and shot 5 standard videos. I also took a chance to correct 2 videos since you were not contended with the previous ones. Now we are moving forward and we are NOT turning back! It’s all packaged for release at the Anticipated TUBONGE LIVE CONCERT. To my fans worldwide, this is the beginning of a fully charged Dr Jose Chameleon to the future.” He posted on his facebook page back in March.

The music video directed by Durban based Matt Nefdt of iKind Media production in South Africa, was supposed to be released at the Tubonge concert together with other new videos like Valu Valu, but due to technical glitches, the premiere was not properly done and a lager section of the crowd missed the action as the big screens failed to work and instead the production team switched to a smaller screen far behind in middle of the stage

That was then, but fast-forward to May, The Ugandan music superstar has finally delivered the goods. Fresh from a An Asian tour that took him to China and then a UK Easter tour, the singer who has also just won best East African song accolade at the Kilimanjaro Awards in Tanzania posted the brand new crystal clear video on Facebook.He also uploaded on other social media platforms like twitter and Instagram. Excited fans in response have been praising the quality of the video and advising other local artists to follow suit.

In the Video, Chameleone is portrayed as a multimillionaire King with a fleet of very expensive rides with customised number plates ‘gimme’and getting the VIP treatment in a nightclub. Later dancers join him doing acrobatic hip-hop  moves.

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