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Chameleone Fires Back At Cindy, ‘Next Time Carry Someone To Carry Your Purse Or Plant Trees’

It is now official the war is on. Cindy recently accused Chameleone and Producer Kayz of stealing her purse which had lots of money (about 4Million) at a concert.

It all started when Cindy and Chameleone were booked to perform at Bukesa based Club Ambience on Thursday night and the two being the big artists of the night were settled on the same VIP table alongside Producer Kays. Chameleone was in the company of his security man JB.

So when Cindy was called to perform, she apparently left her purse behind ‘thinking Chameleone would take care of it for her’ and being a VIP table, no goons would access it. However on return to her utter shock, the purse was missing and when asked, all other members on the table denied seeing or knowing anything about the purse.

However it is reported that, Cindy zeroed on Chameleone and Kayz as her main suspects and left the club hastily to go and cool off. The next day, she shared the story with her fans on facebook.


Cindy in the middle of the storm

“Had a great time performing at Ambience last night but my wallet was stolen while I was on stage. Now, on my table there was the producer called Keiz and chameleons security guy Pj. Who do u think stole my wallet? Keiz the producer or Pj the security guy?”

“U kno what? I also think its Keiz the producer but anyways I’m performing at club one mukono tonight so I’m gonna forget abt that and focus on this. There’s always more money to make…..see y’all. Holla” She added on the same day

However this did not go well with Producer Kayz and his fans who though she was being childish and seeking cheap popularity. Kayz then wrote a very strong worded and abusive response.

“This low grade woman has the audacity to involve me in her stupid messages. this mst be a joke and a clown of a person . No wonder she’s becoming a man eater and stealer. I make a million a week or more to care abt clown pussy wallet I guess it contained condoms whoever stole it I Dnt give a shiiiiiiit iam too busy for this shiiiit anyway bye bye to my friends who are gonna put this bitch right pusssss wallll fuk ure mothaaa”

Even after this strong worded response, Cindy did not back off and went ahead to post this;

“Morning fam. Two kinds of people I can’t stand, a hypocrite and a thief. But today is a great day so who cares, happy eid adhuha”.

Chameleone in Kenya

Chameleone was in Nakuru

And while all this was going on, Chameleone was away for a concert in Kenya and did not say anything until the discussions started dominating social and mainstream media. Each time his name popping up until he fared back with a philosophical response which when interpreted means Cindy is an attending seeker trying to use his (Chameleone’s name) to gain some media attention and fame. He advises the ‘Ayokyayokya’ singer to instead carry someone along her travels to take care of her belongs or better just invest time in doing her own stuff to make money like planting trees. This is what he said.

“I should put this clear to whosoever is concerned, We are all parasites to nature and I accept fair parasites.But I am not pleased by anybody that dies to share who I am to build there dream. I want to respect you if there is a chance.NOT because you want me to. Funny is even the weak are professionals in weakness. All they do is plan how to survive like hyenas next to Simba!!! Honestly I love fair games and next time you carry your purse, carry the one to carry it too! I won’t be watching my Fans and your business .Take a leaf, all you putting energy to such rubbish, buy a hoe,plant pine in the next ten years you will be happy to take my advice. Don’t put your energy to little things and little on your future.”

And now some media reports coming in are claiming the ‘Wale Wale’ singer has vowed to thump Cindy as soon as he sets eyes on her. We will keep you posted as the drama unfolds.


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