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“Chameleone First Withheld My ‘Obulamu Bwensi’ Instrumental”- Veteran Singer Mad Tiger Narrates It All

‘Obulamu bwensi bunyuma kiroooo….’. You remember those lyrics? For those who may not, they are from one of the biggest Ugandan Dancehall songs, ‘Obulamu Bwensi’ by veteran Raggamuffin Mad Tiger.

Turning into a hit aside, according to Tiger, recording this song didn’t come easy at all. It first spent some good years in his head because he didn’t have money to pay at the studio but that became history, after meeting and becoming friends with fellow veteran singer Jose Chameleone who made the song’s instrumental for him.

This all happened at his (Chameleone’s) home studio in Muyenga where him and his white girlfriend Grit,  commonly known as Dorotia were staying although giving Tiger the finished instrumental was a struggle as the ‘Mama Mia’ singer first withheld it over unknown reasons.

 “I sang to Chameleone the baseline I wanted and he really made it nice by mixing in other instruments, but giving me the instrumental it to me took a long time. I don’t know what he got suspicious about. I don’t know whether he had just refused to give it to me or not” Mad Tiger said in a recent interview with Me Media Ug.

Getting the track which he later took to True Vine studio that was then located in Nakasero  for voicing was after explaining to Dorotia who probably could have convinced Chameleone to give Mad his song track.

“One day as I had gone to Muyenga, Grit asked me what I was up to and I told her that Chameleone was delaying to give me my instrumental. I think she spoke to Chameleone and the next time I went there, he gave me a CD where it was, mixed with some of his own songs” He adds

He continues to say that after copying off his instrumental and giving Chameleone his CD back, he struggled to raise Ug Shs 70,000 to pay at True Vine for voicing the song which later turned into a hit that turned Mad Tiger into a celebrated artiste although he claims he reap from the music industry

Chameleone is not only a singer but a music producer as well, only that he most times gets overwhelmed by a lot of music business to deal with.

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