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“Chameleone Has Mentored 90% Of Ugandan Stars”- Pallaso

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Those who remember Pallaso real names Pius Mayanja when he was still calling himself Lizard will agree with us that there is a big difference in the music he was doing. Could it be because of the long time he spent in Donald Trump land? We cannot tell. However, one thing we are sure of is that Pallaso has learnt a lot from his big brother Dr Jose Chameleone.

In a confession the self proclaimed King Of The East (K.O.T.E) shared on one of his social media platforms, he openly said that no matter how he gets big in the music industry, Chameleone is still like a stepping stone for him and other big artistes in Uganda and East Africa at large.

“No matter how big the name Pallaso gets, it will never be in position to ever come before Chameleone. #The legend of Chameleone. He identified East African music to the world. We all came after his greatness and can’t ignore how much our all generation was raised by him and we all joyfully admired his art. It raised us.” Pallaso disclosed.


Chameleone has mentored many artistes in Uganda according to Pallaso (photo by Habre Muriisa)

In his concluding remarks, Pallaso who has a new song dubbed ‘Kampala’ wrote of how he and other artistes watched and borrowed a leaf from his art of doing music and finalised with calling upon East Africans not to miss Chameleone’s upcoming Hit After Hit concert slated for June.

“We watched with a kin eye his every move and his heavenly blessing has breeded(sic) over 90% of the people we now call our stars. @jchameleone you have set the bar. Legend hit After Hit Lugogo cricket Oval. This is a concert every East African should not miss June 30th mark your dates.” Pallaso concluded.

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